Living Utilities - Our Services
We have the capability to originate, fund, design, deliver and operate utility solutions in the areas of water, energy and fibre. 

We don’t take a 'one-size-fits-all' approach. Instead, we look for tailored solutions that meet the needs of investors, business and consumers: sustainable, smart, economically viable and capable of delivering ongoing returns. 

Our services always focus on our customers’ needs.

From greenfield community sites to urban regeneration projects we can support any development.

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Our aim is to create sustainable and liveable communities with water positive outcomes. 


To this end, in planning our services, we examine the entire water cycle to find new and viable ways to capture, recycle and reuse water. 

Whether it’s a recycled water plant or an irrigation system for public spaces, every aspect is designed to deliver long-term benefits to developers, investors and end users.


Our water solutions incorporate innovative systems that:
  • Conserve high quality drinking (potable) water
  • Produce fit-for-purpose recycled water for things like watering gardens, flushing toilets and washing clothes
  • Irrigate parks, gardens and sports fields to improve the environment and foster a collective sense of wellbeing
  • Support the economic needs of residents and businesses with efficient, affordable and reliable water services.
  • Enable buildings to achieve higher sustainability ratings under NABERS scheme


Our water solutions help secure supplies to buildings by recycling more sustainable sources of water, enabling a more resilient approach to seasonal constraints. 

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Our aim is to support energy productivity to realise substantial and measurable economic and sustainability benefits.

To this end, we assess energy demands (1), ensure reliable supply and services (2) and future-proof systems to take advantage of emerging technologies as they become commercially viable (3).


Advanced investigations on data - from consumer behaviour programs and smart community infrastructure to the impact of demand response-enabled devices (DREDs) on network utilisation - are vital for negotiating better headworks and offer invaluable insights for current and future developments.


To optimise the energy lifecycle and total cost of ownership, the best energy management solution needs to procure and supply energy at the best price, implement energy efficiency infrastructure and measures, and actively manage demand.


We help create methodologies to assess and tailor energy solutions to meet future consumer demands, as well as advise on strategies to meet sustainability targets such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions, energy-efficient building materials, and initiatives and transport issues.

When it comes to implementing innovative solutions, we can be trusted to provide the right advice on regulatory requirements, saving precious time and resources.

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Our aim is to enable businesses and people to take advantage of the latest technologies in ultra-high-speed networks that keep people ahead of the curve.

To this end, we have appointed Opticomm, an independent licensed Australian Telecommunications carrier specialising in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network solutions for new residential and business developments.

The emergence of 4K HD video, Smart Homes, Internet of Things, and other innovative services continues to drive up bandwidth requirements. 

Beyond ultra-high-speed internet connectivity, our Opticomm Fibre networks provide the ultimate foundation to build smart communities and smart cities. This results in a more connected place and supports Lendlease’s ambition to develop the best places to live, work and play.


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