Welcome to our Barangaroo South residents’ space.

This page comprises all the information about our utilities infrastructure at Barangaroo, known as ‘Green Utilities’, and how we indirectly service your residence.

As you know, Barangaroo is redefining Sydney. Upon completion, Australia’s first carbon-neutral community will bring 2,000 locals, 23,000 office workers and over 30,000 visitors together each year to work, socialise, live and shop at the edge of the magnificent Sydney Harbour.

What’s behind the Barangaroo South Green Utilities?

Green Utilities refer collectively to the three service companies which operate the Barangaroo South precinct infrastructure utilities called Lendlease Recycled Water, Lendlease Chilled Water and the Lendlease Embedded Network.

Barangaroo South precinct infrastructure utilities include a district cooling plant, a recycled water plant, solar power generation, and an embedded electricity network.

Living Utilities is the parent company that owns and manages the Green Utilities to assist the precinct to achieve its sustainability targets.

An important thing to note is that, while we maintain oversight over the Green Utilities (i.e the precinct infrastructure utilities), we do not provide retail services to individual apartments (e.g. Internet, gas, potable water).

Tenants and residents still have to make their own arrangements with utility retail service providers to get connected to those services.

If you would like to get an insight into this incredible sustainability story, feel free to talk to us.
At Barangaroo South, Did you know?

Potable Water
Potable water at Barangaroo South (the water from your kitchen and bathroom taps used for things such as drinking and showering) is provided by Sydney Water. 

These bills are managed by Sydney Water directly with home owners, who will need to contact Sydney Water to set up their accounts.
Recycled Water
Barangaroo South aims to be a water positive precinct, which means it can produce more recycled water than the potable (drinking) water it consumes.

A key part of this strategy involves an onsite blackwater treatment plant to recycle water and sewage for things such as toilet flushing, irrigation and wash-down. 

This not only helps save precious drinking water, it is also cheaper than using potable water. 

Lendlease Recycled Water bills your owner’s corporation for these services, so you do not need to connect your apartments individually.

At any time, you may contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman (NSW) (EWON) for independent advice and assistance. You can also contact EWON if you are dissatisfied with the way we have handled your complaint. EWON can be contacted on 1800 246 545 or at

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The wastewater and sewer services are managed by Lendlease Recycled Water as part of the recycled water treatment process. 

These services are billed to the owner’s corporation so you do not need to connect your apartments individually.  
Barangaroo South has its own private open embedded network, one of the first in Australia, and Lendlease Embedded Network provides the electrical network services (‘poles and wires’) for the precinct. 

Once you have selected your electricity retailer of choice, they use this infrastructure to supply the electricity that you use at your residence. 


For residents who rely on continuous power supply for medical equipment, please note that you are an eligible life support customer and must register your details with your electricity retailer (the company which sends you the bills).

It's also important to register your details with us and let us know when they change – for example, if you move, or change telephone number. Please email [email protected] with your name and telephone number and one of our customer representatives will call you. You can also download the form below.


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Air Conditioning - Cooling

The air conditioning - cooling in your apartments is provided centrally, through the district cooling plant, located in the basement on the precinct. 

This is one of the sustainable systems put in place to ensure the water positive impact of the Barangaroo South precinct.

The cooling mechanism is easy, the plant pumps water from the harbour to take heat from the buildings using a method called heat rejection. Similar systems can also be found at the Sydney Opera House and the Powerhouse Museum. 

District cooling means you don’t have to have split air-conditioning systems taking up space on your balconies. 

Lendlease Chilled Water bills your owner’s corporation for these services, so you do not need to connect your apartments individually.  

As part of the carbon neutral aspirations of the precinct, solar cells have been installed on the roof of most of the buildings and Alexander and Anadara are no exceptions.

Your buildings’ common areas are partially powered by locally generated energy from the solar panels. 

The owner’s corporation is billed for these services, so you do not need to connect your apartments individually. 


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